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We are a privately owned UK company set up to develop, manufacture and deliver direct to you an exciting new range of home and garden products, pest control products and cleaning products all at the best prices achievable.

BuySmart is a new brand from an acclaimed retail manufacturer and market supplier, as we develop, manufacture and pack all our products here in the UK we are able to ensure that our manufacturing and production costs are kept as low as possible ensuring that you the customer get the very best value for your money. Our ability to provide market leading products is absolute...in fact we have been doing it in other markets for years!.

BuySmarts innovative Pest Control products are based on our solvent free micro-emulsion technology, a technology that provides high levels of biological efficacy by improved penetration of the active ingredient through the lipid layer of the insect cuticles resulting in very fast knockdown and kill and good residual properties. All our pesticides are registered with the UK HSE.

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